Email and Spam Information

The email server at has a two-step anti-spam system in place:

Training the DSpam Filter

DSpam is trained by putting messages in special mail folders stored on the server. Because the POP3 protocol downloads mail off the server, it cannot be used to train DSpam. DSpam must be trained either by using an email reader with the IMAP protocol, or by using the webmail interface. Both of these options will show you your server-stored mail folders and allow you to move messages between them.

If you use one of the above options, you should see a folder called DSpamFilters in your mail account. Within that folder, there are several subfolders:

If you have any questions about the spam filtering or believe it is making too many mistakes, email

Technical Details

The SMTP server used by is Exim. Spam filtering is provided by Exim's sender callout filtering and DSpam. The DSpam training is done by a highly customized version of the DSpam Mail Trainer (DMT). Mail can be filtered by users with procmail before being delivered into Maildir mailboxes. Access via IMAP and POP3 are provided by Dovecot. Webmail access is provided by SquirrelMail. I recommend all of these programs enthusiastically.